[Bug 28106] radeon KMS causes hardware conflict/interference with Intel wifi and audio, crashes wireless

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--- Comment #55 from richtigfalsch at googlemail.com 2011-09-21 12:48:45 PDT ---
I'd like the importance of this bug being corrected to 'major' because
disabling KMS in fact means a major loss of functionality. I'm now on kernel
2.6.40 and sadly this heavy bug still is there.

I skipped form Windows to Linux, mainly because the ATI Driver for the x1400 in
my Thinkpad T60 (with iwl3945 od course) is crap.Now having tried many
different distributions and kernels, i can confirm the bug still is there, and
is making the notebook unusable. There's no 3D acceleration available at all on
this GPU with KMS disabled. When playing a flash video it needs about 30
seconds fpr reaction if I clock some control with the mouse. Compiz or DirectX
in Wine aren't working at all, and make the display crash. The GPU is wasting
much energy and the notebook is running very hot, and overall just sluggish and
not enjoyable in any fashion, I'd rather use my old Pentium M notebook, if it
wasn't defective.

Please consider creating a solution fot this problem, as there's no single
alternative for many Notebook owners, of expecially good notebooks (Thinkpad,
Dell and more).

Problems with KMS enabled remain as before:
-iwl3945 WLAN gets slower and slower, until disconnect.
-heavy video (especially fullscreen) make the sound stutter in a fashion that
makes it impossible to understand spoken word


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