[Bug 40979] ATI Radeon HD 3850 is completely unusable due to frequent lockups

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Sun Sep 18 11:47:34 PDT 2011


--- Comment #9 from Jeremy Huddleston <jeremyhu at freedesktop.org> 2011-09-18 11:47:34 PDT ---
Yeah, it looks like something in either mesa-7.11 or the 3.0 kernel addressed
the problem here.  If you happen to know the commit to mesa that addressed this
issue, perhaps we can get that cherry-picked into 7.10.  I seem to recall that
there were plans for one more 7.10 release, and if not, it would be good to
have in the branch anyway for distros that are tied to the older release.

If you're not quite sure, or the change isn't really easily cherry-picked, we
can just close this out as I have a working solution.


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