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--- Comment #10 from Jan Jasper de Kroon <jjdekroon at gmail.com> 2011-09-14 11:27:48 PDT ---
Hello everybody,
I saw two bugs which are a bit related to each other to my knowledge.
I decided to post my comment in this bug report.
My laptop a MSI GX623 equipped with an Ati Mobility Radeon HD4670.
The problem has been around from the moment I bought my computer (5 Dec. 2009).
Currently I'm using Ubuntu 11.10, with Xorg-edgers ppa and kernel version
When the computer is cleanly installed the power profile of the video card is
always defaulted to default. 
When leaving it on this profile, and not even touching my laptop the computer
starts overheating, and after 10 to 15 minutes powers down due to thermal

To solve my problem I started to experiment with some power management
Using dynpm is no option for me at this moment, because of the flickering
screen bug.
So I've experimented with some other power management options.
First I tried auto, with this my laptop doesn't overheat when nothing is
running. When I start some task which makes use of the video-card, my computer
switches to high profile, and starts overheating again with the same problem
mentioned above.
Also when forced to profile high my computer overheats and shuts down.
In the forced mid profile the computer can be used without problems, but again
when using the laptop for example to watch a movie, my computer overheats again
and shuts down.
The only profile in which I don't have problems is low, but then my video card
is clocked down to minimal capability.
Hopefully the developers can make use of my findings.
Also when I need to provide some extra information, then you can just ask me
what you would like me to do.
Greetings Jasper

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