[Bug 16226] xrandr - ATI FireGL T2 (Thinkpad T42p) - Problem with two external Monitors

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--- Comment #7 from marcnesium <marcnesium at web.de> 2011-09-07 00:30:53 PDT ---
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> (In reply to comment #5)
> > I have very similar problem, except it is only an issue while using compiz. In
> > detail:
> This is a different issue.  Compiz should query the driver for the max texture
> size and not enable effects if it is smaller than the total desktop size.  If
> your desktop is larger than 2048 pixels is width or height (max texture size)
> you will get undefined behavior as the surface is larger than the hardware
> limits.

Thank you for clearing this. Yes my desktop is larger than 2048 pixel width
(1600x1200 + 1280x1024). If this is a hardware limit, i guess there is nothing
to do about it.

But it is still left, that in earlier version (i tried a 10.4 Ubuntu live CD)
this query worked already and does not work atm.

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