[Bug 35579] Poor performance in Firefox 4

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> (In reply to comment #29)
> > I'd be interested in helping out if you can tell me where to dig :)
> Basically, look at the cases where the driver is deciding to fall back to
> software, understand the reasons for that decision, and think about possible
> ways to work around them. Note that it may make more sense to do the workaround
> in EXA itself or the driver, depending on the situation.

Well, yeah.. I know that much myself and I've already checked out where the
fallback happens (R300CheckComposite). Looks like exa calls CheckComposite in
advance to prevent switching back and forth between hardware & software
I was hoping you could tell me the most likely places to check and/or maybe
even a suggestion for how you would go about fixing it.

As for exa - would I need to recompile the whole X to make a change to it or
can I play with it as a module?

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