[Bug 32450] KMS defaults to underscan, no way to permanently turn it off

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Tue Mar 22 11:43:43 PDT 2011


--- Comment #22 from Anthony Bourguignon <debian at toniob.net> 2011-03-22 11:43:43 PDT ---
I've made a few more tests. I thought that underscan was going off in 2.6.38
because of a xrandr command I've put in gdm3 Init script. Here are my results,
without this trick :

With kernel 2.6.37, when the kernel boots, the console is using the native
resolution (1920x1080) but it seems that underscan is on (black borders are
present). When X.org is starting, it's still the same.

With kernel 2.6.38, underscan is still present at boot time, with black
borders, but when X.org starts, underscan is going off automatically.

So my question is, is it a normal behavior ? Should underscan being on at boot
time and off after X is started ? I'm expecting it to be off even in console,
when the system starts.

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