How to overheat an r100 w/o really trying...

James Cloos cloos at
Thu Mar 17 13:58:34 PDT 2011

[I still use my old laptop with its r100-based 7500 (1002:4c57)
for my primary X server.  All of the clients (including the wm)
run on a tower; the laptop only runs the X server.  The cpu is
set to powersave; only the r100 gets hot enough to engage fans.]

The recipe is easy:

    run ftview (from freetype2) on a large font
    hold down a key to scroll through all of the glyphs

Something like:

    :; ftview 33 /usr/share/fonts/unfonts/UnDotum.ttf
    h (once)
    f10 (hold it down and let it autorepeat)

It only takes about one second for the r100 to heat enough to, by
convection, heat the cpu enough to trip the cpu’s emergency mode.

After that, only power cycling the laptop will restore normal ops.

(The tcp traffic from doing that is approx 70Mbs client→server.)

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