[Bug 35197] Driver "radeon" lacks important 2d accelleration on r350 [1002:4E4A, ATI FireGL X2 NK (AGP)]

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Wed Mar 16 07:37:06 PDT 2011


--- Comment #5 from Bodo Thiesen <bothie at gmx.de> 2011-03-16 07:37:06 PDT ---
Hello Michel

A new callgrind run shows, that fbGlyph32 (with same trace) is still the winner
(it is called not as often by fbImageGlypgBlt as before, but it still seems to
be a kind of bottleneck).

The memcpy is now the second winner. It is called indirectly not only by
RADEONDownloadFromScreenCS but by RADEONUploadToScreenCS as well. Before the
patch, RADEONDownloadFromScreenCS and RADEONUploadToScreenCS both called memcpy
to do about the same amount of work, after the patch,
RADEONDownloadFromScreenCS calls it only for about half the work (making
RADEONUploadToScreenCS the clear winner). The rest of the trace remains the

So, the patch improves things greatly (as I told yesterday already) but there
is still much potential for optimization (if not call it need - especially for
users with slower systems than mine).

Regards, Bodo

PS: I didn't note any crashes or other side effects after applying the patch.

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