Bug#570466: it's been a month, is this still a problem?

Rémi Letot hobbes at poukram.net
Tue Mar 1 07:59:44 PST 2011

Le 22/02/11 23:35, Alex Deucher a écrit :

> It was removed in 2.6.37 as it always uses the old pll algo.  However,
> there were a lot of pll fixes in 2.6.38 that should show up in the
> stable stream as well.

I have been on 2.6.38 for 4 days without a single blackout. This could 
still be a coincidence (it happened before), but that would be quite a 
big one. So unless you need other info, I propose that this bug be 
closed for now, if the blackouts come back I can still reopen it.

For information, right now I have kernel 2.6.38 from experimental, mesa 
7.10-4 with R600g, libdrm 2.4.23-3, and xorg radeon driver 1:6.14.0-1.


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