[Bug 28106] radeon KMS causes hardware conflict/interference with Intel wifi and audio, crashes wireless

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Wed Jun 15 09:53:56 PDT 2011


--- Comment #48 from maciek.borzecki at gmail.com 2011-06-15 09:53:55 PDT ---
I've added dmesg output from Ubuntu 11.04 which is not affected with the bug
(at least on my laptop - Thinkpad T60, 2623P2U, X1300) and Fedora 15 which does
have the problem. Unless I missed something, the only relevant difference is
DRM version reported, which is 2.8 for Ubuntu and 2.10 for Fedora (how come
that's possible is another question).
So far, the following does not help:
- disp_priority=1
- agpmode=1
- gartsize=64
- dynclks=0

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