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Thu Jun 2 12:16:00 PDT 2011

Setting VBLANK_MODE=0 seems to delay the appearance of corruption.  Example:

Starting a regular, non-accelerated gnome-session, and then running:
VBLANK_MODE=0 glxgears takes a while (and some dragging of glxgears around the screen) before the
corruption appears, whereas normally it would appear rather quickly.  

As noted before, the corruption isn't limited to the accelerated areas, and can
happen when running a non-composited desktop under normal usage.  Running
openGL programs or compositing makes it appear very readily, though.

I believe it was mentioned in the Launchpad bug, but not here -- Once
corruption begins, changes in an X-Session can affect other virtual consoles
(e.g., once corruption begins, start a slow-loading program, switch to a
virtual console, and as the program maps its graphical components, the console
graphics get corrupted).

Hope this helps..

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