Radeon Power Management - no memory reclocking ?

Morpheus morpheus at clantoc.org
Sun Jul 24 11:30:36 PDT 2011

Hi everyone,

It's my first message on this list, so I accept any advises/critics on 
what I should do (or not).

I'm in the process of discovering Arch Linux on my laptop. At this time, 
i should say it is probably my worst experience of a linux-based distro, 
but also the best (learning is very interesting). In fact, my problem is 
not Arch specific.

So on this laptop, I run a very old Radeon Mobility X700, with 128MB 
dedicated VRAM. When I try to put the "low" power profile, I can see the 
VPU frequency go down, but not the memory frequency.

I'm using only arch repositories' packages, but here are some details :

driver : xf86-video-ati 6.14.1
xserver : xorg-xserver 1.10.3
kernel x86
libdrm 2.4.25

KMS is enabled by default.

The Default (high) frequencies are 350/323 MHz for VPU/RAM, but on low, 
it sticks to 102/323, where 105/120 are expected (values reported by 
windows version of the Catalyst).
There's also  what I consider a strange report from 
/sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/radeon_pm_info. The PCI Lanes indicates "0" on 
high profile, and "1" on low. I don't know whate it means.

Is there any trick I don't know about yet ? Or is the driver unable to 
get the correct info from the vbios (very likely, this laptop is not a 
complete linux friend) ?

As I said, I had tried once with some flavours of Ubuntu, and the result 
was the same (I don't remember the exact version though).

I am ready to give you every additional info you could request, I write 
here also to help others that have the same problem.

Thanks in advance,


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