[Bug 38754] Complete Freeze when loading radeon module

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Fri Jul 22 12:16:29 PDT 2011


--- Comment #26 from Rob Wouters <freedesktop at rob-wouters.nl> 2011-07-22 12:16:29 PDT ---
Some more info: I am now successfully running kernel 3.0 (final) with the
following line (from the commit found with bisect above) commented out, twice:

    radeon_atom_set_voltage(rdev, voltage->vddci, SET_VOLTAGE_TYPE_ASIC_VDDCI);

I realize this is just a (ugly) workaround, but hopefully this narrows down the
problem. I have enabled the debug setting in the DRM module to found out to
what value it's trying to set vddci:

    desktop ~ # grep vddci /var/log/messages 
    Jul 22 20:45:23 desktop kernel: [drm:evergreen_pm_misc], Setting: vddci:

I have no idea if this value is too high or too low, but it seems (to me) this
is what triggers the bug.

I hope this helps and again let me know if I can provide more information.

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