[Bug 35246] Screen flashes and xorg goes in loop

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--- Comment #14 from Diego <panda84 at inwind.it> 2011-07-13 07:25:24 PDT ---
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> (In reply to comment #12)
> > With "agpmode=-1" I experience no crash at all, but I should keep it even with
> > kernel 2.6.39 because the crash still happens without the option.
> How about agpmode=1 or 2?

I'll double check, but if I remeber correctly it was as bad as with no
"agpmode" option.

> > Would it make sense to disable AGP mode by default for all the cards same as
> > mine?
> I think it's worth considering disabling AGP by default for all cards with a
> PCIe GART (as opposed to the old PCI GART). It should be an overall win for
> stability, the main question is how it would impact performance on systems
> where AGP is stable.

If I'd have to choose between stability over performance for default settings
I'd go for stability. Another option would be a blacklist for "bad" cards (as
mine) or whitelist for "good" cards.
Moreover AGP cards are quite outdated, I woundn't expect people to use them for
high performance applications with open driver.

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