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Fri Jan 28 05:32:22 PST 2011


--- Comment #12 from Siganderson <dj_def at webmail.it> 2011-01-28 05:32:20 PST ---
These are the results:

ec46475f3e3163dd80bfee086fa71b36455ecc0b is the first bad commit
commit ec46475f3e3163dd80bfee086fa71b36455ecc0b
Author: Heikki Krogerus <ext-heikki.krogerus at nokia.com>
Date:   Thu Aug 19 15:09:36 2010 +0300

    power_supply: Add isp1704 charger detection driver

    NXP ISP1704 is Battery Charging Specification 1.0 compliant USB
    transceiver. This adds a power supply driver for ISP1704 and
    ISP1707 USB transceivers.

    Signed-off-by: Heikki Krogerus <ext-heikki.krogerus at nokia.com>
    Signed-off-by: Anton Vorontsov <cbouatmailru at gmail.com>

:040000 040000 7b10b20275d71a6ba2062426bc1f0a63693a4e5e
db3ba3e86de1e90a947de26f5e040468886c7e85 M      drivers

I'm going to test the patch.

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