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>> Hi
>> does anyone know where I can get documentation (manuals / datasheets) regarding the following radeon registers
> I was going to suggest, but those registers
> are far too old to be listed in those PDFs AFAIK. Going from memory...
> RBBM_STATUS is the status register for the (IIRC) Render Buffer Blend
> Manager, and essentially states the status of the complete 2D and 3D
> pipelines at the end of the line. WAIT_UNTIL is a register that, when
> written to, forces the entire chipset to sync to the specified flags
> before continuing with command processing. It accepts flags like 2D,
> 3D, and variations on those like 3D_CLEAN, etc. The kernel code is
> quite illuminating.
> So, those aren't really userspace registers. Why are you looking for
> information on them? Maybe we could help you better if we knew what
> you were working on.
> ~ C.

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