[Bug 36438] ATI card fan is always on with opensource radeon driver

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Tue Dec 27 04:39:36 PST 2011


--- Comment #14 from dw <berndl81 at gmx.at> 2011-12-27 04:39:36 PST ---
any progress on this?

i am getting the same problem (overheating) with a samsung e272 () as well as
an acer aspire 7540G (mobility 4570) on archlinux with kernel 3.1.6 and latest
git-snapshots of xf86-video-ati. furthermore, at least on archlinux the
required procedure to use powersaving (setting power_profile to "low" using
dynpm power_method) on these cards do not work either for various reasons
(flickering, screen artifacts, all terms even tty* completely frozen).

what is required to get this one sorted out because it is simply not possible
to use the open source graphics drivers with these two laptops.

i'll happily provide any information necessary.

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