[Bug 43841] radeon rendering corruption

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Fri Dec 16 06:58:14 PST 2011


--- Comment #8 from Michal Suchanek <hramrach at gmail.com> 2011-12-16 06:58:14 PST ---
It's hard to tell if the problem is the same or different.

Still I can easily reproduce the corruption on a Fedore 16 live CD running on
e-350 system.

I install avant-window-navigator, kill gconfd-2 to allow avant to start, and
run it.

In avant preferences I set smallest icon size, find the system monitor plugin
(near the top of plugin lists), and add system monitors until the panel expands
across whole bottom of the screen. Clicking a system monitor applet now shows a
corrupted window with process information.

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