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--- Comment #6 from Michal Suchanek <hramrach at gmail.com> 2011-12-15 15:07:36 UTC ---
This is hard to tell.

On the e-450 the corruption is present with the earliest driver I could get

On redwood the corruption happens only rarely but as far as I remember ever
since I got the card which is again since it got supported.

With the r300 card the corruption only happens recently which besides some
upgrades coincides with turning off vline waits which might put more load on
the card or cause races that would not happen otherwise. It is not reproducible
reliably, however, so not something bisectable.

I tried experimenting on the e-450 which shows most corruption and found that
running firefox causes the corruption (in firefox and elsewhere in gtk). When
firefox is closed corruption ceases immediately on next redraw. gtk seems to
redraw every element on mouseover so wiggling the mouse pointer over a treeview
or a pulldown menu causes a lot of drawing I would guess. The corruption is
visually very similar to what I see on the r300 so I guess it's something
caused by the driver and the way gtk is drawing, not the hardware. There are
pieces of text which are skewed, show garbage or different text in the text
color, show a blob in text color approximately the size of the text or less
often complete garbage and pieces of different textures. The corruption lasts
until redraw. Another way to get the corruption is to configure a lot of
applets in avant window navigator.

I tried to boot an openSUSE GNOME live CD on an e-350 and it was free of
corruption initially. However, opening cover links from addons.mozilla.org,
wikipedia.org and wikinews (over 100 tabs total) gives reliable temporary
corruption in gtk menus (that is the menu is shown corrupted and redrawn
immediately). It seems openSUSE uses some different GTK build because the menus
are typically corrupted whole, not per item as on Debian/Ubuntu.

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