[Bug 39282] radeon HD6790 (barts) card produces black+white horizontal stripes on screen when launching Xorg

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Thu Dec 8 05:34:52 PST 2011


--- Comment #30 from Florian Evers <florian-evers at gmx.de> 2011-12-08 05:34:52 PST ---

for the moment, I had to switch back to fglrx. My system was not usable
anymore, because of spurious misbehavior and some really bad crashes (only if I
was working with X).

As the aforementioned issues remain, but the GPU lockup of this bug report is
"kind of" solved now, what has to happen next? Is this misbehavior still
related to the kernel, or more related to some userspace component, for example

At least, graphics cards equipped with a BARTS LE chipset (all HD 6790) seem
not to be supported now by the free driver. Perhaps that should be stated

I'm looking forward to help you with further testing!


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