[Bug 39282] radeon HD6790 (barts) card produces black+white horizontal stripes on screen when launching Xorg

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Fri Dec 2 00:42:46 PST 2011


--- Comment #29 from Florian Evers <florian-evers at gmx.de> 2011-12-02 00:42:46 PST ---
Some additional comments.

I never saw noisy widgets again since I use 0x77553311. But all the other
glitches remain.

Then, I see random misbehavior of the whole system if I'm logged into X. For
example, if I start an update (the Gentoo way, lots of compiling, lots of IO,
lots of output), after some minutes the update process breaks with awkward
errors such as segfaults. Then, in the syslog I see other non-related processes
crashed as well. Looks like a thermal problem or bad RAM, but this only happens
if X is started AND if I do all the update stuff using X (lots of scrolling
involved, perhaps this causes a bug?). Memtest86+ didn't show any errors as
well, and last night I rebuilt the hole system in a tty, without any of these

For me, these misbehaves / system crashes seem to be related to X!

In the meantime, I downgraded to kernel 3.1.4, with the same patch applied
(0x77553311). But the issues remain: Glitches and system misbehavior if X is


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