Bug#637958: Update

Martin mjb at cs.bath.ac.uk
Sat Aug 20 15:33:11 PDT 2011

It seems that blacklisting psmouse means the system can reboot after
crashing.  Thus the symptoms are:

1. Something cause the machine to hang when in X and using the machine
interactively.  I had believed this to be a graphics card issue but it
might not be.

2. After this has happened something in the machine is in an invalid
state.  This is non-volatile in that turning the machine off and leaving
it without power and battery does not reset it.  Once in this state
trying to load the psmouse module hangs the machine.  Booting the kernal
from the Debian 4.0 installer seem to reset the state.

I'm going to try upgrading to the X.org in backports and see if that
helps.  Sorry -- it seems at least part of this may not be a radeon

 - Martin

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