[Bug 23387] [R300] Screen artifacts on X [KMS]

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Wed Aug 17 11:34:02 PDT 2011


--- Comment #26 from Jonathan <dzhonw at mail.ru> 2011-08-17 11:34:01 PDT ---
I appear to be having the same or a similar problem.  I'm attaching my Xorg
log, Xorg conf, and dmesg output.

As you'll see, I've tried a number of the options suggested here and elsewhere.
 I've had varying degrees of success.  Before I started playing with it, I was
getting a minimal amount of artifacts (see the first screenshot), and while
I've managed to get it back like that a couple times since, I can't reproduce
it now that I'm keeping track of what I've changed.

With KMS disabled, there's no acceleration of any kind (I read somewhere that
this is by design), but there're also no artifacts.

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