[Bug 39525] Very poor performance on R100 QD [Radeon 7200]

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Tue Aug 9 10:32:25 PDT 2011


--- Comment #11 from Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com> 2011-08-09 10:32:25 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> Likely there is not enough vram to run a compositor well (only 32 MB of vram
> and 128 MB of gart on the r100) as such the gfx driver spends most of it's time
> swapping buffers.  Compositors use a lot of vram since every app renders to
> it's own offscreen buffer.

While this is certainly true, I wonder if the driver really does the best job
it could in ram-limited situations. I suspect the gart size isn't really much
of a problem here (should be possible to adjust in bios for some experiments)
but rather vram is the big issue. In such vram-limited situations the best
strategy for performance would likely be to leave most things in agp gart
(especially on such slow card which doesn't have that much memory bandwidth
anyway) and only transfer the most often used things to vram, but I don't think
the driver can do anything like that.

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