[Bug 27422] [X700] Color depth degradation after resume

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Sun Aug 7 01:03:03 PDT 2011


--- Comment #36 from Mikhail Titov <mlt at gmx.us> 2011-08-07 01:03:03 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #31)
> Yeay! The last suggestion did the magic!
> mlt at mlt-laptop:~/workspace/radeontool$ sudo ./radeonreg regset 0x000002d0
> 0x003c00a5
> OLD: 0x000002d0 (02d0)    0x003c0085 (3932293)
> NEW: 0x000002d0 (02d0)    0x003c00a5 (3932325)
> So far no improvements, but the following fixed it

I was wrong. This command is also necessary after all I confirmed before
otherwise there is a noticeable stairs effect, after this command gradients
looks smoother.

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