[Bug 35457] [rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200

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--- Comment #14 from axel <simon at simonfoley.net> 2011-04-22 02:22:31 PDT ---
Hi Guys,
       do not know if you are aware but this issue affects a lot of netbooks
built by the same company Gateway,Acer,Packard Bell.

Its been plaguing me for over 2 years, like most people I disabled KMS to get
it working in the interim or just did not use compiz.

Problem is now Ubuntu is launching 11.4 next week ....with as you are aware
Unity.  Unity and any desktop affects will no no longer work because of this
as will all compix desktop effects!!

We are about to get a "lot" of bad Ubuntu user experience with Unity next week.

Is this going to be another argument for Wayland and justifies MS's
controversial move?

Can I assist in any way ? Lets prove him wrong.

I have pulled in the latest main git repo and compiled the latest driver. 

Its an  holiday in the UK I can dedicate a few days of my time to this if it

I can compile and add patches at your disposal.

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