[Bug 36424] X crashes in KDE4 with compositing enabled

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--- Comment #7 from Alex Schuster <wonko at wonkology.org> 2011-04-20 18:27:36 PDT ---
I am pretty sure that on Gentoo the ATI driver does not replace system file, as
everything installs in a sandbox there. There are commands to switch between
xorg and ati opengl stuff, I guess that changes the files that the ATI
installer would modify.

I rebooted, and CRASH! While opening one of my crypto volumes. Reboot. The
fglrx kernel module was still being loaded, so I renamed it and rebooted again.
CRASH! This time while loading the tun kernel module. (BUG: unable to handle
kernel paging request at ...). I don't reboot often, about once a week, but I
never had such crashes before. Weird.
I rebooted for a last time, and attached dmesg and Xorg log. There is this line
in the log file:

  (II) RADEON(0): GPU accel disabled or not working, using shadowfb for KMS

GPU not working? This doesn't sound good. And dmesg has this:

  r600_cp: Failed to load firmware "radeon/R600_rlc.bin"
  [drm:r600_startup] *ERROR* Failed to load firmware!
  radeon 0000:01:05.0: disabling GPU acceleration

Hm. I have several R???_{cp,pfp,me}.bin files in /lib/firmware/radeon/, but no
R600_rlc.bin. Any idea why?

I'll also attach my kernel .config, and then I stop for now, and continue
investigating this tomorrow.

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