[Bug 36007] [natty] system freezes on boot without disabling KMS

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Sun Apr 10 14:22:00 PDT 2011


--- Comment #19 from Gabor Lenart <spam at lgb.hu> 2011-04-10 14:22:00 PDT ---
I was busy with this bisecting, but no luck :( For me, it's totally myserious
how this bisect works, it always provided commits which result in 2.6.37-rcX
kernels with a "+" sign at the end. That's odd. Since 2.6.37 _IS_ good, so
kernels before that (its rc releases) should be ok and should not even asked by
git on bisecting .... Anyway even with my doubts I do all the process and it
comes up with: 

f70f5b9dc74ca7d0a64c4ead3fb28da09dc1b234 is the first bad commit

However compiling and trying that kernel works, so it's not bad: I can't
understand. And it seems to be a 2.6.37-rc5+ kernel according to uname -a, so
how can it be the first bad commit when I started the bisecting process with:

git bisect start
git bisect bad v2.6.38
git bisect good v2.6.37

Bisect log:

git bisect start
# bad: [521cb40b0c44418a4fd36dc633f575813d59a43d] Linux 2.6.38
git bisect bad 521cb40b0c44418a4fd36dc633f575813d59a43d
# good: [3c0eee3fe6a3a1c745379547c7e7c904aa64f6d5] Linux 2.6.37
git bisect good 3c0eee3fe6a3a1c745379547c7e7c904aa64f6d5
# bad: [5943a268002fce97885f2ca08827ff1b0312068c] Merge branch
'timers-for-linus' of
git bisect bad 5943a268002fce97885f2ca08827ff1b0312068c
# bad: [9e9bc9736756f25d6c47b4eba0ebf25b20a6f153] Merge branch 'v4l_for_linus'
of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mchehab/linux-2.6
git bisect bad 9e9bc9736756f25d6c47b4eba0ebf25b20a6f153
# good: [25860c3bd5bd1db236d4fd5826d76127d677dc28] tipc: recode getsockopt
error handling for better readability
git bisect good 25860c3bd5bd1db236d4fd5826d76127d677dc28
# bad: [f70f5b9dc74ca7d0a64c4ead3fb28da09dc1b234] Merge
git bisect bad f70f5b9dc74ca7d0a64c4ead3fb28da09dc1b234
# good: [4f00b901d4233a78e6ca4d44c8c6fc5d38a3ee9e] Merge branch
'x86-security-for-linus' of
git bisect good 4f00b901d4233a78e6ca4d44c8c6fc5d38a3ee9e
# good: [4e3dbdb1392a83bd21a6ff8f6bc785495058d37c] cassini: Use
local-mac-address prom property for Cassini MAC address
git bisect good 4e3dbdb1392a83bd21a6ff8f6bc785495058d37c
# good: [1928e87bcf185f56008d0746f887b691c1cb8c4a] Merge branch 'master' of
git bisect good 1928e87bcf185f56008d0746f887b691c1cb8c4a
# good: [c6d92e9b84da2002ee7a75b784834970ddfd3bfd] Merge branch 'msm-usb' into
git bisect good c6d92e9b84da2002ee7a75b784834970ddfd3bfd
# good: [9858a38ea3a940762ae3028cce88f686d0e0c28b] Merge branch 'sh-latest' of
git bisect good 9858a38ea3a940762ae3028cce88f686d0e0c28b
# good: [d89ddf0da8f0a140d4dc2e2dbc594fb278e33db5] APBUART: added raw AMBA
vendor/device number to match against.
git bisect good d89ddf0da8f0a140d4dc2e2dbc594fb278e33db5
# good: [a020bb17b7046cd97ea6924ca99325b6e516bc2d] sparc: add $BITS to
piggyback arguments
git bisect good a020bb17b7046cd97ea6924ca99325b6e516bc2d
# good: [050855887236701c5e7ff803b42265824ce99885] sparc: update copyright in
git bisect good 050855887236701c5e7ff803b42265824ce99885
# good: [b69fc2efc9205d58c820eb2eb1caa6bf873b4b0d] Merge branch 'for-linus' of
git bisect good b69fc2efc9205d58c820eb2eb1caa6bf873b4b0d
# good: [09798eb9479da3413bdf96e7d22a84d8b21e05e1] atyfb: Fix bootup hangs on
git bisect good 09798eb9479da3413bdf96e7d22a84d8b21e05e1

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