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Tue Apr 5 14:12:26 PDT 2011

I have a theory... Maybe there is a race condition between the intel and ati
driver involved here? My notebook starts up in two seemingly random
configurations, or three including the radeon crash:

1. X server is on VT8 -> unable to unload radeon module because it is in use
(by some framebuffer I guess). I am also unable to switch to consoles VT1-7. If
I use vga_switcheroo to switch to integrated gpu in this mode then radeon

2. X server is on VT7 -> I can unload the radeon module and use the consoles
VT1-6. vga_switcheroo works and I can also use acpi calls to turn off the gpu.

3. The radeon driver crashes. Forcing reboot through RSEIUB.

This makes it difficult to control the temperature since I cannot know if the
radeon module is in use or not (i.e. I might or might not be able to use the
vga_switcheroo, or unload the module and use a specific acpi call to shut of
the gpu).

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