[Bug 36003] [Radeon HD 5650 and 5470] Driver crash during recovery boot and in normal boot (Regression from 2.6.38-3 to -4)

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Tue Apr 5 14:43:13 PDT 2011


--- Comment #6 from Bryce Harrington <bryce at canonical.com> 2011-04-05 14:43:13 PDT ---
The reason we believed it to be a regression between -3 and -4 was due to this
testing by the original bug reporter:

I tried Bryce's second suggestion of using old kernels. I have two previous
versions of 2.6.38 installed, 2.6.38-3-generic and 2.6.38-4-generic. I booted
each into recovery and normal mode 4 times, for a total of 16 boots. Here's the
number of times the boot was a success, where I either got to the recovery boot
menu or gdm, (regardless of whether the screen brightness had to be manually
increased from 0, or if the plymouth boot screen displayed).

2.6.38-4-generic, normal: 1 success, 3 failures
2.6.38-4-generic, recovery: 4 successes
2.6.38-3-generic, normal: 4 successes
2.6.38-3-generic, recovery: 3 successes, 1 failure

At no time did I see a stack trace like the one I posted, but I've only seen
that in recovery mode. (Would it be written somewhere persistent between boots?
It's not in /var/log/syslog.)

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