Bug#620858: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: slow overall performance upon wake-up from suspend

Andres Cimmarusti acimmarusti at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 07:30:13 PDT 2011

> So, this is rather strange. With a vanilla kernel (using
> debian config file to compile + two cpu customizations) the quad
> number is generally reported as 3, but goes to 1 upon resuming from
> suspend.
> With kernel 2.6.38-2 from debian main, quad seems to be 1, but after
> resuming it goes to 3.

Using both vblank_mod=0 and SwapbuffersWait -> False, framerate drops
dramatically after resuming, causing a very unresponsive system. Even
sometimes when typing there is a noticeable delay between keystrokes
and actual text displayed.

I don't know if the quad pipe issue is related anymore:
$ dmesg | grep quad
[    6.615793] [drm] radeon: 3 quad pipes, 1 z pipes initialized. (booting)
[  386.543044] [drm] radeon: 3 quad pipes, 1 z pipes initialized.
(after resuming from suspend)

Sometimes it changes, sometimes it doesn't...
I would stick with current testing versions X, mesa and kernel (which
don't seem to have this issue), but my touchpad gets out of sync and
lags and it's just not usable...

I guess I'll wait for llvm to be enabled in gallium and try again..

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