dual screen dpi bug in radon or Xorg?

Bernd Schubert bernd.schubert at fastmail.fm
Tue Nov 30 17:41:57 PST 2010

Alex Deucher wrote:

>> And that results in Xorg logs in
>> [ 33.246] (II) RADEON(0): Setting screen physical size to 410 x 310
>> So instead of correcting the size for one screen, it corrects the overall
>> screen size... Same with manually setting it with xrandr. At least I have
>> a workaround now.
> The driver does not set the display size it just passes the edid along
> to the xserver and the xserver sets it.  The message about the
> physical size comes from the xserver, not the driver.

Sorry, yes. I just noticed the "RADEON" and though the driver would print 
that. When I grepped for it in the driver code, of course didn't find it.

Sorry for the noise and thanks for your help,

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