Interlace mode refused

Derek monkey at
Tue Nov 30 10:47:33 PST 2010

Paul Gardiner <lists at ...> writes:
> For some time, I've been using an X1250 and the radeon driver to drive
> a TV via a VGA => SCART circuit. For some reason, with my latest
> installation my mode line is refused with the message "interlace mode
> not supported". I at first assumed this meant that interlace support
> had been dropped from the radeon driver, but then I built v 6.12.4
> which was one I'd previously used with success. So I'm guessing
> it is some other part of xorg, or a config difference.

Hello Paul, 

I was wondering if you ever got this issue sorted out? I am currently having the
same issue. I have tried several different items to get this sorted out
including trying to get the Radeon driver to not use the EDID information, but
nothing has yet worked. If you got this working I would appreciate knowing what
you did to accomplish this.

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