[Bug 31882] Fatal ACPI error when booting with HD5970x2 crossfire configuration

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--- Comment #5 from earthforce_1 at yahoo.com 2010-11-25 17:04:11 PST ---
I will have a chance to reinstall the card this weekend and post
/usr/sbin/dmesg generated from the live CD, which I am 99% sure is using (and
installs) the Radeon driver.  Is there anything helpful (commands, logs, etc) I
can attach that would be helpful?

What I don't understand is why it boots the live CD ok, but hard hangs post
install.  I am just a bit hesitant to install/remove the GPU too many times, it
is a bear to get in and I worry about damaging the motherboard, socket or GPU
but if you have a useful non-destructive experiment I could do that would help
debug this I am willing to reinstall and give it a try.

I remember the last message being printed before the hard hang was a radeon
ACPI error message, and not a RadeonHD, so I am reclassifying it - sorry about
that. When I get a chance I will reboot into the live CD and confirm this. The
installer picks the driver automagically - There isn't any alternatives
offered, except for click to install fglrx unless there is some hidden advanced
settings I am unaware of. 


The Ubuntu live CD booted just fine with only one CPU and no closed source
drivers.  I did not need "nomodeset" for the single GPU - the installer and
post install first boot went just fine, and I was able to subsequently able to
subsequently install fglrx.

It was only when I added a second GPU that things turned evil, and the open
source driver failed to work.

I concur with your comments about it probably not being tested with dual
HD5970s.  (It has been tested now, by me!)  But AMD now has crossfire settings
on their Linux catalyst drivers, so it is a configuration they support or at
least plan on supporting soon.  I have seen 

I think I was one of the first on the planet outside of AMD to try running even
a single HD5970 under linux back in March, (Needed for X-Plane9 to run on max
settings at 2590x1600) and I filed a bug for it:


Fortunately things were fixed just in time for Ubuntu 10.04, and there are more
than a few other Linux users running with this card.  The drivers seem stable
as long as you are using only one card at a time.

Others are trying to work with multiple HD5970s under Linux without much luck

but clearly some other cards have been working under crossfire for a long time:


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