Feature Request: GPU scaling

Jamie Smith hutts at internode.on.net
Thu Nov 25 04:57:59 PST 2010


I saw a previous post requesting this, but I've only just signed up to the list and wasn't sure how to post a follow up.  I'd also really appreciate this feature.

If I am not mistaken, previous versions of the driver used to force some kind of flat (no dithering) GPU scaling when a program tried to change to a resolution lower than the desktop, and KMS was not enabled.  This perhaps unintended behaviour allowed me to play old games in Wine with a sharper(blocky) look which I preferred, instead of washed out colour.  With newer versions of the driver, it does not seem to make any difference, and the programs change the resolution, forcing my LCD monitor to use its crappy blurred scaling.

Can we please have the option to force GPU scaling to the preferred/desktop resolution?  

I'd also like to offer my thanks and praise to all the open source Radeon driver developers.  The free driver offers fantastic and superior stability and 2D speed compared to the alternative, and the ever growing 3D feature set is most impressive for an open source video driver.

Jamie Smith <hutts at internode.on.net>

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