[Bug 31298] G4 Mac mini Radeon 9200: No 3d-Acceleration

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Sat Nov 20 02:51:20 PST 2010


--- Comment #15 from anjo.weichbrodt at gmail.com 2010-11-20 02:51:21 PST ---
Excuse mee for my late reply.

> What exactly does that mean? E.g. can you get a screen shot of the 'strange
> colors', and does 'no visual effects' mean window decorations, movement etc.
> look the same as before trying to enable visual effects, or something else? ...
> > Same for 3d-accelerated games.
> I'm confused: Did you measure the performance of glxgears and tuxkart above
> without noticing these problems, or what changed in the meantime?

Actually I didn't perform testing well. I thought such issues (strange colors)
would be only little bugs.

When I activate "visual effects " for the gnome session, the environment runs
really slow, colors are false and closed windows remain as ghosts.
(See screenshot)

The Tuxkart menu is relly slow and shows false colors. The game itself runs
much faster than before radeon.modeset=0 but its still unplayable. During the
game polygons are changing to strange colors. Could only take a screen shot
from the menu. When I tried to perform one during the game the computer

I installed and tested OpenArena: it works perfect and super fast

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