[Bug 31339] New: HP/Compaq 8510w HDMI port only works when booted with monitor attached

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Tue Nov 2 13:52:51 PDT 2010


           Summary: HP/Compaq 8510w HDMI port only works when booted with
                    monitor attached
           Product: xorg
           Version: 7.5
          Platform: x86-64 (AMD64)
        OS/Version: Linux (All)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Driver/Radeon
        AssignedTo: xorg-driver-ati at lists.x.org
        ReportedBy: twhitehead at gmail.com
         QAContact: xorg-team at lists.x.org

I have a HP/Compaq 8501w with a "ATI Technologies Inc M76 [Radeon Mobility
Series]" graphics card.  It has a HDMI port on the side of it which I use to
plug in my DVI monitor via a HDMI to DVI cable.

With the closure of 18564 (thanks again very much for that), everything works
great with a patched 2.6.36 kernel as long as I plug in the monitor before
booting the machine and don't suspend.

If I plug it in and enable it after booting the machine or suspend and resume,
then the output on the DVI display flickers between a very unstable image (snow
with mixed up colors) and a black screen.

This is not a regression, this has always happened as far as I recall.  Before
KMS, I was able to get things working again by switching to a console, doing
"vbetool post" while the DVI display was plugged in, and then switching back
again.  If I do this with KMS, things get very confused.

The problem sounds pretty much identical to 10418, except that it is not a Mac.

Thanks!  -Tyson

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