PBuffer support on ATI hardware ?

Benoit Jacob jacob.benoit.1 at gmail.com
Tue May 4 14:01:40 PDT 2010

Hi List,

I just found out that pbuffers don't seem to be supported by either of
the free drivers ("radeon" and "radeonhd" from git) on my ATI hardware
(Radeon M92 / HD 4500 series). Namely, glXChooseFBConfig returns NULL
as soon as I select GLX_PBUFFER_BIT, while of course it returns
non-null for WINDOW and PIXMAP. I'm not specifying any other
attribute. This is in spite of GLX_SGIX_pbuffer being present.

Do you confirm that PBuffers aren't currently supported?

If yes, do you have plans to support them soon?


PS - Arch Linux, x86-64

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