[Bug 27323] [RV380] dual monitor not working with KMS - M24 1P [Radeon Mobility X600]

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Tue May 4 03:42:11 PDT 2010


--- Comment #8 from Olivier Goutet <olivier.goutet at gmail.com> 2010-05-04 03:42:11 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> Does it work correctly if you boot without the VGA monitor connected and then
> enable it after X loads?

I have a similar problem than Bryce Harrington.

If I start my laptop with the second monitor plugged in, every thing is fine
until i login. After I have the same as Bryce corruption on both screens.

If i start my computer without the external display plugged in, every thing is
If I plug the second screen after X started nothing happens (normal). But as
soon as I launch xrandr from a console both screens goes wrong again. It goes
back ok when I unplug the external display and relaunch xrandr...

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