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--- Comment #51 from DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre <benoit at demaine.info> 2010-06-30 05:25:47 PDT ---
z02 xorg.conf works as is on Gentoo with and without SurroundView . If I want
to use Screen1 instead of Screen2 (dual head), I get a freese with SRV, and it
works without SRV.

I have compiled a Gentoo kernel from package gentoo-source (without xen), using
as base conf, my xen conf z01 kernel config . Then, z02 xorg.conf works like on
Xen kernel. When using Arch worg.conf, in both case, I get a segfault when
doing just startx; if i set LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 then i don't get segfault:
all 6 monitors startup (and 3 indicate signal out of sync), and numlock refuses
to blink.

I have tried to compile gentoo-source from Arch 01 kernel config but it does
not boot for now.

So, i just have more and more cases where X crashes without explicit message,
send out of sync signal to monitors (what X >1.5 claim to be impossible since
>1.5 tend to use DDC; in practice, it does not *really* do it), freese, or

And, you still did not tell me which kind of tests you want.

In fact, none of my previous bugs have been fixed. I just thing this Bugzilla
is for prestige, and that you never try to fix issues users report. As usual, I
am on my own, and, many people tell me to do many stupid things, but in fact,
nobody really care about me, and, nobody really know what they are asking me to

If you did, you would have tell me: put these symboles in your kernel, and
remove those ones. Make sure you have this set up, and this NOT set up. That's
things get sorted on other BTS.

For example, you are asking me to activate SRV, while SRV is the feature that
breaks my box ATM. Like my other bugs, in 5y, it will still be open.

But, this remains a regression bug compared to X 1.4 .

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