[Bug 28670] some 2D apps way too slow, fast with noaccel (regression)

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Thu Jun 24 11:54:27 PDT 2010


--- Comment #11 from Martin Renold <martinxyz at gmx.ch> 2010-06-24 11:54:27 PDT ---
I have changed the code in MyPaint now to render to RGBA instead of RGB. After
also removing the cairo.EXTEND_PAD again, the result is now 3 times faster than
anything I have seen before.

Looks like I'm seeing full hardware acceleration for the first time. With the
cairo.EXTEND_PAD fix the speed was roughly the same as software-only rendering.

There is a penalty for this when doing software-only (noaccel) rendering. I
have measured 5% slowdown. This is acceptable so I'm leaving it like that.

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