[Bug 28422] X freese in many cases

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--- Comment #43 from DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre <benoit at demaine.info> 2010-06-23 17:33:32 PDT ---
After installing Archlinux, I could start X at once:
- X -configure crashed, but generated a usable conf
- using radeon driver
- the conf generated was fine and working: each card using two monitors in
miror, all 3 cards wotking together ( :0.0 :0.1 :0.2 ). Xrandr could let me
isolate each monitor (two per display). Only mouse could move from display to
display. HW acceleration working for 2D and 3D. No crash, no freese
- after a bit of playing, i could switch to xinerama: all 6 monitors in the
same DISPLAY. I still had partial 3D accell with bugs
- after forcing software 3D acceleration, i lost HW accell, and bugs

But, this was on a non Xen kernel. So, tomorrow, I will try to install a XEN
kernel in Archlinux.

Martin: this distro is very pleasant to use; but, it seems very heavy to

Attaching all usefull logs.

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