Bug#586485: Regression: can't resume after suspend-to-RAM

Dave Platt dplatt at radagast.org
Sun Jun 20 11:32:19 PDT 2010

> Please try a newer kernel (or squeeze's kernel).

Hi, Julien - thanks for responding so quickly!

As it happens, I was in the process of building a fresh 2.6.34 kernel
when your message arrived.  I just tried it, and the symptoms are
unchanged - screen video never comes back after the wakeup.

I'm going to attach a log from an X session which shows the
post-wakeup steps.  I didn't see anything directly useful
here - no error messages during the restore process - but it
does show that the driver seems to be going through the
restore process.

I checked my kernel/daemon logs, and they do show the
expected activity after a wakeup - specifically, that
wpa_supplicant is bringing the wireless interface back
alive, successfully registering with my access point, and
bringing up the IP interface.  This shows that the problem
isn't a total freeze of the system - normal functions are
being restored, except for screen-video output.

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