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--- Comment #31 from DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre <benoit at demaine.info> 2010-06-07 16:38:52 PDT ---
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> If you notice, the integrated chip does does not show up in your original
> lspci.

Because my BIOS settings were different. For the original report, I did, to the
letter, what an ATI dev/maintainer told me to do, to the letter. And he asked
me to disable the integrated chipset for my initial report.

> You need to enable surround view in order to use the integrated card.

Wrong. Windows can use integrated card with *AND/OR* without SurroundView. I
spend 2h especially for this test, removing all y disks, and installing Windows
on the mail system (instead of HVM), just to make this test. In less than 2h, I
could install Windows, get 6 monitors work, and check that they work with AND
without SourroundView.

I think that ATM it is disabled, because, from memory, it's easier to get X
work without SRV for me; i ll check on next reboot.

> I would suggest trying a newer kernel without external xen patches.  That
> should help narrow down the problem.

It would work. I don't know how, but stable Debian without Xen support at all
could let X use at least two cards. It's not possible to do this test anymore,
because I have not been able to make it work a second time (debian stable is
available with too many tastes and different kernels, I could not find agaun
the working combination), and because many other factors impact.

I can not spend hours testing an exponential number of combinations of factors.
Over 40h just on X since january is already very much. Plus 3 tonight. Plus 2
for Windows (to check that the problem was NOT hardware).

Without XEN, it can work with three cards. With XEN, it can work with one card.


Things have been recompiled as said.

ucode is now installed. What's next ?

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