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--- Comment #24 from DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre <benoit at demaine.info> 2010-06-07 15:37:01 PDT ---
Yes and no. Xen is like vmware: it can do virtualisation using at least 4
different ways. KVM is one of them. Somehow, KVM is a subset of XEN. To make it
VERY short. Other point of view: XEN symbols are for the host dom0, while KVM
symbols are for hosted domUs (XEN people would byte me for this). And KVM has
limitations: it can only load Linux domUs; I need HVM for non Linux domUs.

> remember to install the microcode for your cards: http://gentoo-portage.com/x11-drivers/radeon-ucode

if you had read this bug report, and the page you advise me, you would have
notice that the uCodes are only used for R6xxx and R7xxx, while I am using
R4350; so, either you did not read the web page, or my initial report, or know
nothing about Radeon chipset (this difference is explained in all forums
dealing with hardware acceleration on ATI: firmware update are only available
for R6* and R7* cards).

Please, stop advising me things that are "obviously" useless.

And for the part I have not explicitely stated yet: i am not sure what is
exactly the chipset integrated in the MB (card at adress 1:5:0), but it's in
the R4xxx serie, a model slightly weaker than r4350. Probably an 42xx from
memory. R4xxx for sure. I took similar models so that SurroundView can work
with three chipsets together, and, as much as possible, the three chipsets
should use the same driver (but it was not the cas under Windows: the driver CD
for MB could not manage the daughter cards).

By the way, I forgot to give you the z01 kernel config.

Before I do more tests, if you want, tell me *EXACTLY* what you want. Every
single detail is important, because any single detail can make the difference
between a segfault, a freese, and a KP.

> You say that you got a segfault. I think this could happen when the Xorg stack
wasn't compiled in the correct order

Things were compiled by gentoo; do you want me to rebuild everything ? in a
specific order ? so, converted in Gentoo langage:

eix proto | grep x11-pro | grep -v xcalibrateproto | cut -d " " -f2 | xargs
emerge -v1 && emerge -v1 xorg-server x11-base/xorg-x11 && emerge -v1
x11-libs/libdrm && emerge -v1 xf86-video-ati && emerge -v1 media-libs/mesa

> If that doesn't help you can try to remove all cards but one and see if you
still get the error.

Useless. Even when all are inserted, I easily can make any of them work, and
most of the time, get the two outputs work. That's the case of actual z01
config: right now, I am typing with two monitors on card #2, except that I just
commented screen_3 ... and as I uncomment, i get garbage and freese.

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