[Bug 28422] X freese in many cases

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--- Comment #22 from DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre <benoit at demaine.info> 2010-06-07 13:58:39 PDT ---
> can you try to start the xserver without the xorg.conf?

yes, and it gives a standard segfault. I'll try to get a log.

> 2.6.32 should be working too, but the driver got a lot better with later kernel releases

in 2009, 2.6.32 was not even a draft on Linus desktop.

Oh, yes, I could also use a verbatim kernel, disactivate hypervisor,
disactivate AMD64 flag, boot my old good P3 800 EB, and extract an archive of
known to work X 1.4 ... Unfortunately, we are in 2010.

> I think this is wrong.

It may happen when DDC does not report resolutions properly; that's why I push
virtual screen to a bug value, and do fine tuning with xrandr. DDC may fail for
thouthands reasons; and really, I don't mind the detail.

Which output do you want ?
- X
- Xorg
- startx
- X -configure ?

Each X attempt costs me 2 reboot. Each X failure costs me an extra reset plus
an extra reboot.

console output or just X log ? i am not sure details of segfault are reported
in X logs :)

I can reproduce easily on the z01 configuration. It produces an error different
from the previous one, but I can reproduce it on demand for now ... until I am
forced to do major changes (or just update the distro).

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