Compiling radeon againts 1.7.4-1.fc12

Øyvind Sæther oyvinds at
Fri Jan 29 22:32:19 PST 2010

> Fedora 12 is providing only radeonhd driver at the moment and since AMD
> had not yet released version compatible, I have to use vesa driver and
> that is hard for work and impossible for anything else.
> Old radeon driver worked perfectly in the past and I don't really need a
> 3D performance, just enough to work smoothly and play XVideo.
> This just seams to easy not to be implemented already:
> So should I try to build it, or it is just impossible?

I only use Fedora on a few headless servers, so I don't know much about it's X 
support, and I never compiled anything on it... However, I do know that:

a) radeonhd development seems to have stalled, the radeon driver is a much 
better choice at this point

b) the latest radeon / drm / mesa git builds just fine against X.Org X Server 
1.7.4, and I am fairly sure xf86-video-ati 6.12.4 also works just fine with it

c) You should (ab)use a recient kernel and enable KMS for best performance

The Nvidia Nouveau seems to be a Fedora-only pet project at this point, so I 
find it strange that they don't include proper radeon support when their 
assets apparently know so much about X. But.. If they don't then Yes, you 
really should try to build it yourself. It is very possible. It is even very 
easy on Gentoo Linux. 

good luck.
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