[Bug 24523] Zaphod mode broken on Radeon 4670

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Tue Jan 26 13:48:44 PST 2010


--- Comment #10 from cxo <cruiseoveride at gmail.com>  2010-01-26 13:48:44 PST ---
I have a similar problem.

Trying to set separate X-screens in the xorg.conf causes the box to lockup.
Actually, i cant even restart X without the machine locking up when two screens
are connected.

I have 2x19" screens, each 1280x1024. 

I can only manage to get 1x 2560x1024 screen instead of 2x (1280x1024) screens.

HD4870, Ubuntu-9.10 x86_64 with latest linux,drm,mesa,xf86-video-ati

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