ATI Rage Mobility P/M - Mach64 kernel module source - is it available anywhere?

Dave Airlie airlied at
Thu Jan 14 01:20:14 PST 2010

> I found a couple of well-documented posts relative to this issue, which
> indicate that the source was recently removed from the mesa/drm tree at
> and is now available in the kernel tree under
> drivers/gpu/drm directory.

Its still not upstream, we'd need to clean the code up from the libdrm
(its in the version control just not in master, you need to back a few tags)

The code would need to be ported to the kernel (maybe in staging)
then make to pass


> Since I did no see anything with a file name such as mach64.c in this
> directory, I was wondering if the source was available anywhere at this
> point in time, and if not, if there are any plans to reinstate it.
> Thanks,
> CJ
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