Radeon : Exclude some memory zone

José JORGE lists.jjorge at free.fr
Mon Jan 4 14:46:32 PST 2010

hi, this is my first post to the list. I hope I don't talk wrongly.

The question : is it possible by myself to change the radeon driver to ignore 
a memory zone of a video card? Something like the badram patch for linux 

Thanks, José

Now the what for, for those who wonder :

I was given a laptop that has a X300 with 128MB dedicated video RAM. It has 
some defects, that look like at the beginning of the RAM (the first MB, as it 
is only the first third of a 1024x768 display) there are dead transistors.

With the VESA driver, it never crashes. With Radeon, it almost works, with 
much more artifacts, and sometimes the video card crashes (still ssh access 

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